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2-1 4. Acquisition Special values used for the spectrum shown: Sample: 3% strychnine in CDCl3. Time requirement: 5 h Spectrometer: Bruker DRX-600 with 5-mm-TBI-probe Common values: p1: 90° 1H transmitter pulse p2,p3: 180° 1H transmitter pulse at spin lock power n: integer loop counter determines the spin lock length n = length / (p2+p3) d1: relaxation delay t1: evolution increment 41 Advanced Organic NMR Fig. 2-1: A. A. 5 dB 8 832 (corresponds to spin lock of 300 ms) 16 5. Processing 19 18 td2: td1: sw2: sw1: aq2: aq1: o1: d1: p1: p2, p3: ds: n: ns: 20 15 14 21 H 22 11 HO 24 23 Apply zero-¿lling in F1 to 1K real data points to obtain a symmetrical matrix of 1K × 1K real data points.

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