By Russell Blackford

Tackling a number of myths and prejudices in general leveled at atheism, this fascinating quantity bursts with gleaming, eloquent arguments on each web page. The authors rebut claims that variety from atheism being simply one other faith to the alleged atrocities dedicated in its name.

  • An obtainable but scholarly statement on hot-button matters within the debate over non secular belief
  • Teaches severe pondering abilities via distinct, rational argument
  • Objectively considers every one fable on its merits
  • Includes a background of atheism and its advocates, an appendix detailing atheist agencies, and an in depth bibliography
  • Explains the variations among atheism and similar recommendations resembling agnosticism and naturalism

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Some argue that an atheist is simply a person who does not believe in God. Others claim that an atheist must think that there is incontrovertible proof that God does not exist. Some atheists think that there is nothing that they have to prove at all. They insist that those claiming the existence of a particular god, or a set of gods, need to demonstrate the truth of their claims. Then there are humanists, secularists, and agnostics, and others with their own labels. ” Some claim to be “agnostic” because they say they have suspended judgment on the issue of God, or a god, or a pantheon of gods.

Atheism is compatible with many views of the world. George H. Smith complains, we think rightly, that atheism is not a “way of life,” a “world outlook,” or a “total view of life,” any more than a failure to believe in magic elves is any of these things. While some philosophical positions are atheistic, atheism in itself does not entail any specific system of thought but can be incorporated into many (Smith, 1979, pp. 21–22). ” We also know the feeling when he adds: “Except when I am writing books like this, the only time my thoughts turn to religion or God is when religious people raise such issues, such as by confronting me personally or basing public policies on religion” (Sinnott-Armstrong, 2009, p.

He requested that the prayer part of the program be cancelled. The superintendent initially agreed, but then the story leaked. Fowler was ostracized in his community, one of his teachers publicly demeaned him, students and anonymous others threatened to beat him up or even kill him. Your life can be threatened today in the USA just because you insist that your constitutional rights not be trampled upon in a public school (Christina, 2011). A recent sociological survey from the USA shows that atheists constitute the most disliked among marginalized groups, including African Americans, gay people, Muslims, and recent migrants.

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