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Class 1 Oxidoreductases XI: EC 1.14.11 - 1.14.14, Second Edition (Springer Handbook of Enzymes, 26)

The Springer instruction manual of Enzymes offers concise information on a few 5,000 enzymes sufficiently good characterised – and here's the second one, up to date version. Their software in analytical, man made and biotechnology techniques in addition to in nutrients undefined, and for medicinal remedies is further. information sheets are prepared of their EC-Number series.

Spell of Intrigue (The second book in the Dance of Gods series)

Nobody is aware no matter if gods or mortals are in the back of the facility video games in Oolsmouth, however the unusual doings position Maximillian the Vaguely Disreputable, the nice Karlini, the Creeping Sword, and their comrades right into a international of difficulty.

Legal Liabilities in Safety and Loss Prevention: A Practical Guide, Second Edition

The aim of each security specialist and defense courses is to proactively determine difficulties whereas complying inside of protection guidance. this article clarifies uncomplicated questions for safeguard and loss prevention pros approximately felony legal responsibility, how you can reduce, hinder and determine criminal hazards. Appendices, case reviews and pattern kinds also are incorporated to interact the reader in energetic studying.

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