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1 Since that time, the amount of structural information that is available for chalcogen–nitrogen compounds has increased dramatically, especially with the advent of CCD diffractometers that allow structure determinations to be completed in less than one day in many cases. X-ray crystallography also provides the details of intermolecular interactions, which are often significant in chalcogen–nitrogen compounds because of the polarity of the E–N bonds. , conductivity and magnetic behaviour. 1). In a search for materials with novel electronic and magnetic properties compounds with two or three RCE2N2 ring systems attached to an organic framework have been prepared.

The use of these reagents for further development of chalcogen–nitrogen chemistry will be described in subsequent chapters for specific types of chalcogen–nitrogen compounds. Synthetic methods that are limited to a single example are not included, unless they are part of the comparison of the synthesis of S–N reagents with that of the less widely studied Se and Te systems. Some informative general reviews of synthetic methods are given in references 1–6. 2 The polarity of the solvent has a remarkable influence on the outcome of this reaction.

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