By Paul Badham (eds.)

John Hick is among the most generally learn and mentioned dwelling writers in sleek theology and the philosophy of faith. This e-book bargains scholars a one quantity textbook on his suggestion. Extracts from his writings disguise all of the a variety of topics for which Hick has turn into identified: religion and information, Philosophy of faith, Evil and the God of affection, demise and everlasting lifestyles, the parable of God Incarnate, and difficulties of non secular Pluralism. The extracts are preceded through an introductory essay through Paul Badham on John Hick's philosophical theology, and at the integrity of his lifestyles and thought.

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Things may not go well here and now, but unless the ultimate facts, the eschatological situation, are favourable in some sense or other, faith has been a hoax and a failure. For Hick, the kind of difference religion makes to life is the difference between a set of empirical facts being or not being the case. This belief is illustrated by a comment I heard a mother make about her mentally handicapped child: 'Only my religious faith keeps me going. ' Her hope is in certain facts being realized. Although I sympathize with the mother's hope, I do not find it impressive religiously.

The elements of experiencing-as are the purely visual seeing-as which we have thus far been discussing, plus its equivalents for the other senses. For as well as seeing a bird as a bird, we may hear it as a bird- hear the bird' s song as a bird' s song, hear the rustle of its wings as a bird in flight, hear the rapping of the woodpecker as just that; and so on. Again, a carpenter may not only see the wood as mahogany but also feel it as mahogany; he may recognise it tactually as well as visually.

Z. Phillips, Death and Immortality (London: Macmillan; New York: StMartin's Press, 1970) p. 49. 3 Religious Faith as Experiencing-as The particular sense or use of the word 'faith' that I am seeking to understand is that which occurs when the religious man, and more specifically the Christian believer, speaks of 'knowing God' and goes on to explain that this is a knowing of God by faith. Or again, when asked how he professes to know that God, as spoken about in Christianity, is real, his answer is 'by faith'.

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