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The delivery of sediment vastly impacts the sustainability of an irrigation method. Erosion and deposition not just raise upkeep charges, yet may end up in an inequitable and insufficient distribution of irrigation water. figuring out the behaviour and shipping of sediment permits effective making plans and trustworthy water supply schedules, and guarantees the managed deposition of sediments, making upkeep actions extra possible. those lecture notes current a close research of sediment delivery in irrigation canals, including actual and mathematical descriptions of the behaviour. A mathematical version predicts the sediment shipping, deposition and entrainment cost for varied circulation stipulations and sediment inputs. The version is very appropriate for the simulation of sediment shipping in irrigation canals the place circulation and sediment shipping are mostly decided by means of the operation of circulation regulate constructions.

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V ± c) ∂(v ± 2c) ∂(v ± 2c) + =0 ∂x ∂t The paths of these observers can be traced on the x−t plane, which gives rise to two families of lines, the characteristics. Along each member of the first family the inverse slope of the line dx/dt is (v + c) and its value (v + 2c) is constant. Similarly along each member of the second group the inverse slope of the line dx/dt is (v − c) and the quantity (v − 2c) is constant. Remember that in an unsteady flow problem there are four variables, namely x, t, v and y (or c).

53) g (So − Sf ) is called the energy term. 54) General equation of non-steady flow in a rectangular channel Remember that the general mathematical expression for a change of a function f in the x-t-diagram when going from a given point 1 to a neighbouring point 2 can be given by the partial derivatives of the function in the t-direction and the x-direction. df = ∂f ∂f dt + dx ∂t ∂x or df ∂f dx ∂f = + dt ∂x dt ∂t In this equation f is a variable dependent on the two independent variables x and t, and the equations give the rate of change of f if x and t are simultaneously varied in a prescribed manner, given by dx/dt.

2 Classification of sediments according to their size. 24 Sediments normally have many particles with different sizes. The particle sizes result in a distribution, which is generally expressed as percent by mass (weight) versus particle size. The most common method to determine the distribution of particle sizes (size frequency) is a sieve analysis, 52 A New Approach to Sediment Transport which can be used for particles larger than 74 µm. Next, the results are presented as a cumulative size-frequency curve.

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