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Granted it’s the same DNA pattern found in every other cell in your body, but in reality the uniqueness of the DNA is not what makes it a different person. Identical twins share the exact same DNA, and yet we don’t say that one is less human than the other, nor are two twins the exact same person. It’s not the configuration of the DNA that makes a zygote human; it’s simply that it has human DNA. Your hair follicle shares everything in common with a human zygote except that it is a little bit bigger and it is not a potential person.

Additionally, these abortions are provided through a highly extensive system of extermination. S. News article reveals that the privately operated National Network of Abortion Funds finances abortions through 57 accounts in 29 states. The apparatus which exterminates unborn children can’t get much more “systematic” than that. ” The Cambridge International Dictionary of English, Cambridge University Press, 1996, defines genocide as: “The murder of a whole group of people, esp. ” with which the definition ends emphasizes the evolving nature of the criteria by which victim classes are defined.

Funny, I’ve heard many stories of these “compassionate” clinics turning women away if they didn’t have enough money. For instance, in March 1994, a single, unemployed woman was turned away from a St. Petersburg abortion clinic because she didn’t have enough money. There is no easy answer to this situation, and I do not think unwanted pregnancies are something to be taken lightly. However, I feel that the medical community should emphasize finding safe and effective birth control that would eliminate the need for abortion.

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