By Louis J. Allamandola (auth.), Professor Dr. Ivan Gutman, Professor Dr. Sven J. Cyvin (eds.)

Contents: L.J. Allamandola, Moffett box, CA, united states: Benzenoid Hydrocarbons in area: The proof and Implications

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The total distortion energies, as well as their cr and n components are displayed in Table 3, as calculated at the 6-31G/n-CI level. 1 Six-Membered Rings The qualitative VB model predicts that the n distortive propensity varies like the strength of the two-electron-two-center (2e-2c) n bond, or its singlet-triplet energy gap AEsT. This latter value increases from column V to column VI in the periodic table, and decreases from first row to second row. In accord with the VB model, the calculated AE" values follow the same tendency.

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