By Martin Hayes, R. H. Stewart

The lifestyles and instances of Britains so much notorious son. Occultist, genius, poet, prophet, mountaineer, drug and free-love pioneer, undercover agent, student, and all-round undesirable egg. Summoner of demons and loser of buddies. A prophet who desired to keep mankind yet ended his days referred to as “The Wickedest guy within the World.”

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You!!! ::Sniff-sniff:: Squirrel. ::Sniff-sniff:: Boy. ::Sniff:: Magic! I have found something. So have I! Did you see a squirrel go by here with a sheet? Sheet? What sheet? Um ... that sheet! A squirrel stole it from our clothesline! Squirrel? What squirrel? That squirrel! Do you know that squirrel? No! Of course not. Why would I know that squirrel? That’s just ... silly! Silly? Says the boy wearing a sheet! Where are all your clothes? Gasp! You weren’t attacked by that bear, were you? Bear?

I bet you’re a good climber, though! Actually, I’m awesome on the jungle gym! Oops ... Hup! Hup! Whoaaa! Yep. That’s the sound of a bear falling out of a tree. No, you’re stronger than one. Much stronger. I told you! I’m not a bear! Hey ... can you smell that? It’s Grammy’s apple pie! That’s coming from pretty far away. You’ve got a good nose. Wait a minute. “Far away”? How far? I need to get back home. My Grammy’s going to worry. Can you help me? I’ve got super smell! Well, since I’m already up ...

In the forest. There’s something written on it ... Sack ... squats? No, Sass ... catch? It’s Sasquatch. More thunder? Rufus? Whoa! No ... Rufus! Rufus ...? Oops? WHAAAAAT! No, Penny! Shh! Don’t scream! I won’t hurt you! Let me explain! Penny, was that you? Is everything all right? Penny? Aurora’s coming! Oh-no, oh-no, oh-no ...

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