By Poulomi Mukherjee

A contemporary retelling of the story that has been instructed to generations for plenty of centuries now.

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Was it the red wire or the green wire that I saw him cut? Police! In time, as usual! Officer! Arrest this man! 63 Nobody touch them! They need to be defused, but there’s no time to call the bomb defusal team. Hmmm. I wonder if-- There you go. It was simple! Quite a crude bomb, really. You haven’t heard the last of me! I’ll be back when you least expect it. Marjeena, you’ve saved our lives once again. It makes me realize just how much a part of the family you really are. And this seems like the perfect time to make it official.

Quiet, both of you! Boss told us not to talk. 47 Marjeena’s clever mind put two and two together, and she realized she needed to act immediately. Luck was with Marjeena—Vladimir had left his keys in the truck. First of all, let me get these thugs out of here. The men hiding in the barrels must be here to hurt Ali Baba. Where’s this truck going? What should I do with them? I can’t afford to take risks. I have to act... and act fast. Boss always has a plan B. This must be it. Anyway, we shouldn’t talk until he gives the order!

I’ve got the details for all our accounts in this file. Do you have any more work for me? While Omar’s relationship with Marjeena was growing, so was the fury of the notorious Vladimir who had begun to rebuild his gang. 51 No. Why don’t you call it a day? Isn’t Marjeena performing at the Kala Bhavan this evening? You should go now, so that you don’t miss it. Once Vladimir had successfully recruited fresh soldiers for his gang, he put another plan into motion. He disguised himself as a Saudi Arabian trader.

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