By S. V. Griffith

Alluvial Prospecting and Mining (Second Revised variation) makes a speciality of the emergence of stronger mining suggestions and techniques utilized in the excavation of alluvial deposits.

The ebook first bargains info at the prospecting equipment, sampling, and valuation. Discussions specialize in initial systematic prospecting, drilling in tough flooring, supervision of drilling, fee of excavation, pitting and drilling in comparison, sampling of bore holes, and calculation of reserves. The booklet then examines water offer, together with earth dams, spillways, leats, ditches, or canals, and layout of pipelines.

The manuscript ponders on sluicing and dry focus of minerals. subject matters contain rock pavements, undercurrents, fake bottoms, glean up, tailings, flooring sluicing, water required, exploitation of vegetation, electrostatic separation, and excessive depth magnetic separators. The ebook additionally stories ahead coaching of overburden, hydraulic mining, and gravel pumping.

The ebook is a responsible reference for miners and readers drawn to alluvial prospecting and mining.

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In dealing with tin alluvials, the value would be expressed in pounds tin oxide (70 to 72% metallic tin as the case may be), per cubic yard. The sample, washed to the required purity, is usually weighed in grammes, and must therefore be converted to pounds, by dividing by 454 (1 pound = 454 grammes); therefore, if a bore hole of D ft in depth produces zo gm of concentrate, L lineal feet of casing •11 A L X W L X W 1U A will produce — - — gm, or — — lb per cu. yd. r D D x 454 0-477 x w If L = say 217, then the formula may be written — where zo = weight of sample, in grammes, and D = depth of bore hole, in feet.

In other words, before a correct and definite computation is made of yardages and average value per cubic yard, the system of mining to be adopted must be known.

Further difficulties arise, owing to the fact that almost every engineer has his own ideas as to what the diameter of the cutting shoe should be, some calculating from the external, some from the internal, size of the cutting shoe. The makers of the Banka drill state that the external diameter of the 4 in. , but confuse the issue by giving the metric equivalent as 122 mm, which does not equal 4-75 in. ; the area of the shoe, based on 122 mm, is 18-10 sq. , as compared with 17-75 sq. , when based on a diameter of 4-75 in.

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