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The randomized field numbers have been plotted sequentially to reveal the presence of systematic analytical errors caused by a leaking standard. ) 45 mative (Allcott and Lakin, 1975): (1) Rock samples of about 450 kg were crushed to pass a 5-mesh sieve. (2) Each bulk sample was then ground for 12 hours in an aluminium oxide ceramic-lined mill with ceramic balls untill 97% of every sample would pass a 325-mesh (44 μπι) screen. During grinding frictional heating to 80—90°C may have caused partial loss of volatile elements and contamination by alumina resulted from wear of the ball mill.

It is the author's experience that, although most analysts include control standards, it is only in a few government and university laboratories that incoming samples are randomized. Obviously in many circumstances, where there is considerable pressure to complete geochemical programmes as quickly as possible, any suggestion of delaying analysis until all samples are received at the laboratory will be strongly contested. A more realistic approach is, therefore, to only randomize the samples within each batch shipped for analysis.

5mm < 5 m n Kept for further investigations Y Chemical and mineralogical analysis Fig. 3-3. Flow chart of the stages in heavy mineral separation and processing used by the Geological Survey of Sweden. 5 54 conductivity and dissolved oxygen. pH and the anions are usually best determined as soon as possible at the sample site or shortly after collection. However, unless colorimetric field procedures are used, determination of trace metals will usually require storage and shipment of waters to a laboratory.

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